can nncron lite understand if someone is logged?

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can nncron lite understand if someone is logged?

Postby uffa14 » Sat, 16 Jan 2010, 20:30

I made a script to check the time my childrens play with pc.
They have personal account to login the computer.
Nncronlite start the script every 10 minutes, the script check if the sum of the times played today is more then 60 minutes,
if true: logoff the baby, else add 10 minutes to the sum.

But if the pc stays on the logon screen, when the child logon nncronlite start the script for every event non started!!

I can't use the AsLoggedUser' to OFF, because in this way the user in the script is always SYSADM.

The better is that nncronlite start the task even if nobody is logged, or bypass the event if the computer is on the logon screen.

Is it possible?

Thank's marco
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