Access is Denied :(

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Access is Denied :(

Postby lambwarren » Tue, 12 Jul 2011, 09:18

Hi! When I try to start nncronlite, in the little black window that comes up, it says "Windows error 5: Access is Denied". I am logged in as a computer administrator. It's Windows 7 Home Premium, but I've used it on other computers with Windows 7 and it works just fine. I've turned off all firewall stuff and antivirus. Any suggestions would be great!!!!!
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Re: Access is Denied :(

Postby nttranbao » Wed, 20 Jul 2011, 09:26

Hi LampWarrent,

I come across this post, and can say that it is the normal problem with windows 7. This can easily be solved by right click on the program => Run As Administrator

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Re: Access is Denied :(

Postby lambwarren » Thu, 21 Jul 2011, 00:29

Hi Bao,
Thanks for your response! Your fix worked for me, (as you know), clicking run as administrator, but I also needed to take the cron command that I was trying to activate from the cron tab file within my custom program folder, and copy it to the cron tab located in c:\program files\cron\ As you pointed out, for some reason Windows was only reading the located in c:\program files\cron\

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Re: Access is Denied :(

Postby semko » Sun, 24 Jul 2011, 12:08

To avoid all sorts of problems running nncron under Win7:

1. Do NOT install nncron in the program files structure but use any other folder you have full access to
2. Do NOT install nncron as a service but run it as a normal application
3. Run the install program in elevated mode (run as administrator)
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