Convert nnCron full job to nnCron Lite job?

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Convert nnCron full job to nnCron Lite job?

Postby DeathfireD » Wed, 17 May 2006, 00:17

Hello, my version of nnCron full just expired and I dont have any money to buy the full version. So im stuck trying to figure out how to:

a) Turn on nnCron lite
b) Convert my nnCron full job to an nnCron lite job. Has anyone does this before or know how? heres my job that I wish to work with nnCron lite. Im sure it should work as is but iv tested it and it dosnt seem to work thats why im making this post. Could also be becuse I dont know how to turn on nnCron lite.

#( testphpcron
Time: */6 * * * * *
StartIn: "C:\myfolder\testphpcron\crons\"
SWHide NormalPriority
START-APP: C:\php\php-5.1.2-Win32\php-cgi.exe C:\myfolder\testphpcron\crons\check_cron.php

Also I have an issue. I downloaded nnCron lite, installed it and double clicked on cron.exe and nothing happend...then I clicked on startcron.bat and a DOS box opened then went guessing its running or is there more that I need to do? Also should I uninstall nnCron full? Much thanks to anyone that helps me with these 2 problems im having.
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Postby DeathfireD » Wed, 17 May 2006, 00:55

well I guess I can't so I changed it to unix format and that seems to work fine.

*/6 * * * * * C:\php\php-5.1.2-Win32\php-cgi.exe C:\myfolder\testphpcron\crons\check_cron.php

and in the ini I change the default view to:

Correction 1 small issue
In the log file it shows the cron is running every 6 mins but on my site it tells me its not. I have a little php script that tells me the last time the cron was run. Yes I did clear my cache and temp internet files and it still shows last run cron "12 mins 13 seconds" and it keeps going up.

Log file shows this:
18:12:00 504 Start: * C:\php\php-5.1.2-Win32\php-cgi.exe C:\myfolder\testphpcron\crons\check_cron.php
18:12:00 504 Start result: 0
18:18:00 516 Start: * C:\php\php-5.1.2-Win32\php-cgi.exe C:\myfolder\testphpcron\crons\check_cron.php
18:18:00 516 Start result: 0

im not sure why theres a * showing up before the C:\php\php-5.1.2-Win32\php-cgi.exe but I looked in my nnCron full version and didnt notice it so I thought to post my log and see if thats the reason why the cron isnt updating.

edited well I took out a * in the cron tab and now it looks about right. Ill see it that made any diffrence.

PS. If sees anything wrong that im doing please point it out and help me. Much thanks.
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Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Wed, 17 May 2006, 13:47

nnCron LITE is using 'classic' UNIX 5-* notation, while nnCron is using enhanced 6-* notation (with year field) which can be switched on or off.

As of your question: I highly recommend to check the currently working folder. Here is how to set this folder in nnCron LITE: ... tm#crontab
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Postby DeathfireD » Thu, 18 May 2006, 08:47

Thanks after I made my 2nd post I let nnCron run for a few mins and it seems to be fine now. I just stuck with the unix cron format and took out the * and it worked fine. Much thanks :)
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