freezing problem with START-APP (bug)

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freezing problem with START-APP (bug)

Postby fade » Wed, 12 Jul 2006, 13:56

I don't know if anyone has the same problem as I do
but I'm getting a strange "freeze window behavior" when calling START-APP.
The process is started, I can see it in Process Explorer, the cpu usage is normal, it doesn't rise up to the 90's% or whatever but it's window does not appear.
The screen gets partially redrawed (some areas appear like white rectangles),
but the window never appears or fully opens.

The task I use to start a app is this:
# ------------------------------- start_PSPad -------------------------------
#( start_PSPad
\ NoActive
NoDel SingleInstance
\ AsLoggedUser LoadProfile
WatchHotKey: "^(@p)"

\ Programa nao se encontra a correr

\ OSD-FONT: "Comic Sans MS" 50 0x0000FF00
\ \ Retira 60 pixeis a width + (o numero de letras palavra * 16)
\ e_screenWidth @ S" PSPad" SWAP DROP 16 * 60 + -
\ e_screenHeight @ 100 -
\ OSD: "PSPad" 1500

StartIn: "C:\Program Files\PSPad"
ShowMaximized NormalPriority
START-APP: C:\Program Files\PSPad\PSPad.EXE
\ PAUSE 2000
\ START-APPW: C:\Program Files\PSPad\PSPad.EXE

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Solutions I've found to resolve this problem are:

Solution 1) Make a pause after START-APP
PAUSE 2000

Solution 2) Use START-APPW instead (if you can live with that)
START-APPW: C:\Program Files\PSPad\PSPad.EXE

Solution 3) Run as logged user (My favorite, and the one I use now)
AsLoggedUser LoadProfile

I don't know why I have to put this line, because I've set in GUI under
authorization, Run all tasks "as user" ... and Run GUI "as user" ... (the same user), but this actually works.
Without the "AsLoggedUser LoadProfile" line, the process freezes.
Although it is started under the same user. Process Explorer confirms that too.

I hope this helps someone

P.S. I'm sorry for my "not so good" english
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Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Wed, 12 Jul 2006, 17:15

You just need to authorize the task (AsLoggedUser, for example) and load the user profile (LoadProfile) to made PSPad to start normally. It is impossible to launch PSPad using the nnCron default system user account.
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Postby fade » Wed, 12 Jul 2006, 20:08

I thought that setting a user under nncron's GUI \ Options \ Authorization
should work for all tasks...
user: ***
pass: ***
domain: ***
load user profile: checked

My point is that I've done that (authorization for all tasks), the app started under logged user account but freezed whitout the
AsLoggedUser LoadProfile line.

It's quite strange...

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