Task not missed, but work not done.

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Task not missed, but work not done.

Postby Athyndmion » Fri, 11 Jan 2008, 19:23


I am using rsync on Windows XP to synchronize and backup my laptop working files with a linux folder on a remote computer, via ssh.
I want this backup to be done once everyday. So I am using nnCron. However, if this task was missed, I want it to be done anyway. So I use the missed task functionnality. But if my computer is on and nnCron is launch at the appropriate time, rsync will start, and the task will be considered "not missed" even if the remote computer is unreachable.
Is there a solution to this problem. I would like that the task is considered "missed" as long as the remote computer is not reachable via ssh. Can I do this with nnCron?

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Re: Task not missed, but work not done.

Postby semko » Sat, 12 Jan 2008, 16:32

Add a rule to your task like this:

HOST-EXIST: "remote.host.com" (or use the IP address of the remote system)

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