nncron not executing when logged off

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nncron not executing when logged off

Postby d_cirona » Wed, 23 Jan 2008, 01:36


I am having a problem with nncron. I've set up scripts to be run by nncron in the early morning and one of them include a shutdown script but for some strange reason nncron only executes when I log into the machine.

Is there a way to fix this problem or must I be logged in for the nncron to run?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Re: nncron not executing when logged off

Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Wed, 23 Jan 2008, 17:31

Please, be morу specific: show us your task, logs etc.

If nnCron is installed as system service, it can run the tasks even when there is currently no one logged on this PC. You should be aware, though, that some operations require special user rights, not available on System user.
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