Help with Winamp: random, cyclical, playlist..

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Help with Winamp: random, cyclical, playlist..

Postby Jotti » Tue, 09 Sep 2008, 14:57

Hi everybody,
great program, really useful!

I'm trying to use it to automatize some process with Winamp, but I'm not good in scripting, so I'm here to ask you some questions.

1: is possible to crate a script, to make Winamp pick and play a RANDOM file from a specific folder?
And is it possible to make it cyclical? For example: "play a random file from folder A, then a file from folder B, then a file from folder C, and then restart the script", for undefined time (until I decide to stop it).

2: another script, maybe easy for someone of you to create, is: while Winamp is playing a playlist, stop the current playing, play a specific file, and then restart the previous playlist where it was stopped (or in another random position: anyway, not at the beginning). Is it possible something like that?

3: I copied the plugin with the commands for Winamp, and saved it as a spf file in the plugin folder, but it gives me "Loading error: plugins\winamp.spf:1" Why? Anyway, is this plugin necessary to do what I'm trying?

Thank you,
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Re: Help with Winamp: random, cyclical, playlist..

Postby SeMa » Tue, 09 Sep 2008, 17:25

1. I think it's possible to form the playlist by nncron file/dir commands and then to play it by nncron START-APP command. After watch QUIT event (key pressing etc.) and playback stopping.
3. Any used plugin must be pluged either in nncron.ini by INCLUDE command or directly in crontab with your task by REQUIRED command.
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