Most of menu options don't work in Win2003 -- comes again.

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Re: 1.93b3--Most of menu options don't work in Windows2003

Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Mon, 29 Dec 2008, 19:07

Fantast.Leo.Dou wrote:I don't want the path of nnCron displaied like this, because my path is a secret.

We are working of this. We need smth unique in tooltip to distinguish between several nnCron instances launched from different folders. The idea is to allow the user to specify the text displayed on a tooltip.
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Re: Most of menu options don't work in Win2003 -- come again.

Postby Fantast.Leo.Dou » Sat, 10 Jan 2009, 03:28

Very strange.

After I restored the system with ghost image, the problem comes again.

And it's no use to change GUIAsUser or GUILoadProfile.


Why 1.91 does not has this problem?
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