Можно скачать книгу Thinking Forth 1.0

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Можно скачать книгу Thinking Forth 1.0

Postby VK » Thu, 27 Jan 2005, 13:25

Электоронная версия (pdf) есть на сайте проекта: http://thinking-forth.sourceforge.net/

Описание книги:
Thinking Forth is a book about the philosophy of problem solving and programming style, applied to the unique programming language Forth. Published first in 1984, it could be among the timeless classics of computer books, such as Fred Brooks' The Mythical Man-Month and Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming.

If you program in Forth, this is a must-read book. If you don't, the fundamental concepts are universal: Thinking Forth is meant for anyone interested in writing software to solve problems. The concepts go beyond Forth, but the simple beauty of Forth throws those concepts into stark relief.
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