Is there a way to sacrifice size for directory integrity?

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Is there a way to sacrifice size for directory integrity?

Postby dod9 » Sun, 29 Jan 2006, 03:28

IE is there a way to use the split level and try and keep the files in one directory together, BUT have that directory span to the next package if the directory contents size is greater than the package (or remaining) size rather than stop processing and throwing a warning?

Basically I like the idea of fill but wish to keep files with it's siblings as much as possible while sacrificing space, becuase I have directories with content larger than 4.38GiB that I want to keep together and span.

So in a perl script for example you could iteerate through the path list until you gather over the package size, move back one copy to a package, then start gathering next package from current path.

I'm not aware of another program which does this, if you are, that would help.
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Postby Nicholas_Nemtsev » Mon, 30 Jan 2006, 11:59

Yes, I have understood that you want. But now there is no way to break the big directories without change (increase) split level.
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