Read this before posting.

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Read this before posting.

Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Sun, 11 Jul 2004, 11:50

1) Please use English language when posting your messages.
2) Please try to find answers in program's documentation or FAQs before posting a questions to the forum.
3) When posting your question, provide a meaningful subject line.
4) Follow these steps before posting your bug-report:
    - verify that the bug exists in the most recent program build (available from our web-site)
    - describe the problem and explain what we need to do to recreate it
    - include in your report any related messages from the log file
    - specify program version/build number and the operating system you are using
    - it would be a good idea to include command line which was used to launch nnBackup in your bug-report
5) Cut away irrelevant text when you post a quoting-reply. Try to cut out as much as possible while retaining the general gist of the original message.
6) Do not include big images into your posts. Post the link to the big image instead.
7) Avoid long signatures (3-5 lines is a good size).

Thanks for reading this far.
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