NAS, SMB and nnBackup

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NAS, SMB and nnBackup

Postby whybe » Wed, 23 Nov 2005, 10:05


First of all, congratulations...nnBackup is the most complete and efficient synchronisation soft I've ever tested.

I 've tried it between two regular Windows NTFS HDD, and experienced NO problem. Everything worked just fine.

Problems started when I tried to synchronize from a NTFS partition to a NAS. Let me precise that the NAS is a Thecus N4100, running a linux OS with a SMB client.

When I try to synchronize my two folder (sync mode, not sync2), no problem. When I try to do it a second time, it copies again the same files as if they were not present in the target folder (which is not !).

Do you have an idea?

Thanks a lot.

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Postby Nicholas_Nemtsev » Wed, 23 Nov 2005, 12:43

Try -t2 option.
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Postby whybe » Wed, 23 Nov 2005, 14:27

Thank you very much, it works.

I should have read more carefully the doc.

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