deleting a file when using sync2

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deleting a file when using sync2

Postby jajest » Wed, 08 Apr 2009, 15:56

I bought a few years ago nnbackup version 2.28 and I'm very contented about it.

However, today, I tested the bi-directional sync (sync2) which works fine but ...

when I delete a file in the first directory, it's keeps coming back after synchro from the other directory.

I guess nnbackup is not capable of handling such situation untill nnbackup would keep track of the changes in a database ?

So, I have to delete the file in both locations if I want to delete it permanently ?

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Re: deleting a file when using sync2

Postby matthewcarlson » Wed, 16 Mar 2011, 10:51

i guess that should be the case.
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