KEY-UP: & KEY-DOWN: ?? (SENDKEYS: doesn't work)

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KEY-UP: & KEY-DOWN: ?? (SENDKEYS: doesn't work)

Postby Hobbyist » Wed, 20 Jul 2005, 02:49

I'm trying to "hand craft" frames for an animated gif using the awesome images that Deep Space Explorer (& Starry Night Pro) generate in spaceship mode. I've given up trying to "crack" the math embedded in the .snf files written out by the Save and Open file menu topics and I'm now trying to use nnCron to fly the ship through a "hand crafted" flightpath while periodicly activating the pause, save, and resume buttons.

The problem I'm having is that the spaceship control keys (ie 1 & 2 for accelerate & decelerate, a & z for roll left & roll right, etc.) are not detecting a simple "typing keystroke" but rather are sensing how long the key is held before it is released. My plan to have nnCron simply SEND-KEYS: to the appropriate child window doesn't work. I've tried fooling around with the SEND-KEYS-DELAY: and I've tried sending a hundred keystrokes in a row. SEND-KEYS: just doesn't work. Is there something like KEY-DOWN: and KEY-UP: the same way there is for the mouse buttons?

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Postby VK » Wed, 20 Jul 2005, 10:00

No, AFAIK, currently there is nothing like KEY-DOWN: and KEY-UP: for SEND-KEYS.
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