running perl script minimised?

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running perl script minimised?

Postby gianni76 » Thu, 24 Nov 2005, 06:42

I am happy with nncron, but I have a simple problem.
I have nncron Lite 1.17 running on Windows XP SP2.

Some of the tasks scheduled are perl programs (run locally).
These are long to execute (~3 minutes). Whenever they are called nncron opens a dos console window where the task is executed.
What I would like is to know if it is possible to have this task run without a dos console window (hidden execution) or with a minimised console window.

At present the console just comes in the foreground and stays there disturbing the use of the PC.
Any suggestions?
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Postby gianni76 » Thu, 24 Nov 2005, 07:04

maybe I found: there is a setting in nncron.ini.

But what about a way to have some cron tasks minimised and some other not? Would be nice if something like MIN or HID or MAX could be put in front of the task itself to state the desired output window.
Is this possible?
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Postby LuckMan212 » Thu, 24 Nov 2005, 08:58

there are at least 2 ways (maybe more?) to do what you are asking:

1) use syntax like this:
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#( test_hidden_app
SWHide   NormalPriority
START-APP: C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe %myVar @%

2) if that doesn't work, use "classic mode" syntax with separate script file, like this:
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35 06 23 11 * 2005 "C:\Program Files\nnCron\nncron.exe" -wp -runfile "C:\Program Files\nnCron\scripts\myscript.spf" myParams
Code: Select all
filename:  myscript.spf

: main
    get-string str1 PLACE
    START-APP: C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe %str1 COUNT%

refer to for more info
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Postby VK » Thu, 24 Nov 2005, 13:23

2 LuckMan212: gianni76 is using nnCron LITE which does not have an 'advanced' syntax.

2 gianni76: it is possible to specify application start modes in nnCron LITE. Just read the 'Plugins' section in the docs ( ... tm#Plugins ). Notice the 'ShowMinimized' usage in the example #3 - use 'SWHide' instead.
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