Missed Task issues with nnCron Lite

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Missed Task issues with nnCron Lite

Postby exbane » Mon, 17 Jul 2006, 21:54

Good afternoon,

We're having a few issues running the latest version of nnCron lite..

here is the contents of my cron.tab

@30 12 * * * "C:\Progra~1\SkillSoft\RemoteBackups\data\rbackup.exe"

Basically if I go home for the weekend and dont touch my laptop till Monday - when i come in Monday and log in after 12:30 all the missed tasks start at once - saturday sunday and monday's - all at the same time.. Is there a configuration option to make it so if many days have passed that the task will only run once after a missed task..

Here are the contents of my cron.ini too

\ This file contains nnCron's options
\ Restart nnCron after changing of the file.
\ All items are case sensitive. After a keyword the 'blank' is required.

Cronlog: "log\%MM%%DD%cron.log"
LogTimeFormat: "%hh%:%mm%:%ss% %ThreadId%"
YearField OFF
DefaultOpenMode: ShowNormal
DefaultPriority: NormalPriority
AsLoggedUser ON
DefaultRunMissedTime: 15

My operating system is Windows XP/SP2.

Let me know!


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Postby exbane » Fri, 04 Aug 2006, 17:36

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Postby pkbarbiedoll » Thu, 18 Jan 2007, 01:18

Hi. I had the same thing happen (XP, nncron lite) today. The problem was (at least that I could tell) version 1.15 was faulty on XP. I installed version 1.17 and the tasks work ok now. :partyman:
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