The future of nnBackup (nnBackup 3.0 announcement)

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The future of nnBackup (nnBackup 3.0 announcement)

Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Thu, 09 Jun 2005, 15:15

We decided to stop the development of the non-Unicode nnBackup. The current nnBackup stable build (nnBackup 2.28) will be the last build in this non-Unicode branch (some bug-fixing updates are possible though!).

Now we are into active development of the new-generation Unicode-aware nnBackup (ver 3.0) which will be backward compatible with it's predecessor (all nnBackup 2.0 command line options will be supported in the forthcoming nnBackup 3.0). Note, please: the new nnBackup 3.0 will not work on Win95/98/ME. So, if you still use one of these operating systems you should stick with nnBackup 2.28.

The upgrade to the nnBackup 3.0 wil be free for all of the registered nnBackup 2.0 users. We are contemplating some nnBackup registration price hike (of EUR5-10) to coincide with the forthcoming 3.0 release, so you may consider buying a license right now, before the price was changed. Once again: no worries for existing customers, updates are still free!

The first public nnBackup 3.0 beta will be announced shortly.
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